New Book

I recently finished my book, A Misplaced Mystery. It is a layman's guide to understanding the Godhead. The full book is available for preview below. I hope it blesses you. If you enjoy the book, please buy a copy (or ten) today. Currently there is an option to buy a paperback for $9.99 plus S.H. or an option to purchase the e-book for $3.50. The e-book is the same as the preview PDF, but provides you an opportunity to give if you enjoyed the book yet have no interest in purchasing a paperback. All proceeds from the book are going to Marianna First United Pentecostal Church. Feel free to share this link with anyone that might be interested or that the contents of this book could benefit. God bless and thanks for your support.

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Update: While continuing to write new content, I am also converting the content of this blog into audio format. This is a work in progress so please check these links often for updated information. These are not sermons. I simply read and record the blog posts that are written. These are intended to be informative more than inspirational. Also, I try to cover the content as quickly as possible. Most episodes last between 5 and 15 minutes. Audio blog: MP3 audio or youtube audio

Written Content

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Baptism in Jesus Name: Baptism study,
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Judgment: Judge Not, Making exceptionsGod's final judgments

Preachers: What if your preacher is wrong?, The Bible on pastors, The message of the Cross vs. the televangelist